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About Gary Mickey, CRMP, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

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Gary Mickey, a reverse mortgage professional with C2 Financial Corporation, is in an elite cadre of mortgage professionals who have achieved the status of being a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP). Mickey earned the designation after he passed a rigorous exam and background check, thereby demonstrating a competency in reverse mortgages and a dedication to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards.

Only 158 individuals nationwide currently have the CRMP designation.

“Being one of 158 people nationwide to have achieved this milestone is a testament to my commitment to reverse mortgages,” says Mickey. “The process involved to receive this professional designation was long and arduous and adds to the level of expertise maintained by myself and the firm.”

He has been involved in Finance since the beginnings of his career.  Early assignments were as a cash and futures grain trader in both Chicago and Kansas City exporting Wheat, Corn, and Soybeans to countries outside the US.  Later he was recruited by such Wall Street firms as Drexel Burnham Lambert, Prudential and others to utilize the financial futures and options market to hedge rising interest rates in construction Loans for large Commercial developers that built extensive office complexes, housing projects and other commercial developments that generally exceeded $50 million in construction lending.

He began his Mortgage career in 2002 and has chosen to focus and specialize in Reverse Mortgages for Seniors.  He and his Wife Rosan reside in Menifee, Ca and purchased their existing home with a Reverse Mortgage.  He can personally attest to the advantages of utilizing Reverse Mortgages for several different purposes.

C2 Financial, based in San Diego, Branch Office:12230 El Camino Real, Suite 100, SD,CA, 92121, is the largest mortgage broker in California and counts itself as the second-largest mortgage broker in the nation. With a network some 500 strong across nine western states, C2 counts roughly 400 loan officers in California alone.